Improved Inventory Control Increases Operating Performance

A lack of inventory control can impede any organization, large or small. A large multinational energy corporation, operating in 180 countries, was having difficulty controlling their inventory of operating parts and equipment that supported their exploration, production, manufacturing and transportation operations.

The company had difficulty assessing and auditing operating inventory across their worldwide matrix of warehouses and third-party vendors. Instead of maintaining a single inventory system and procedure, multiple independent processes were employed based on the warehouse location and size. The lack of a cohesive inventory system was adversely affecting business operations when critical parts could not be easily located and shipped. Operating units would have to call warehouses and vendors until they found the needed part, slowing or stopping an operation until the part was delivered. Additionally, without a single view of worldwide inventory, parts were not evenly dispersed across geographies which could add to the difficulty of locating a critical part, increasing operation down-time.

The energy giant turned to VACAVA for a custom inventory control solution that would streamline access to operating inventory, yet accommodate the requirement for different inventory systems across worldwide warehouses and vendors. The new inventory solution consolidates warehouse and vendor inventory information uploaded in various formats and synchronized in one location as a master inventory database. Now, when a critical need arises, the operating unit is not dependent upon phone calls to the closest warehouses. Units have immediate access to the worldwide inventory master database and can quickly request parts from any location. This custom VACAVA solution has enabled a single master inventory database that is the 'trusted source' of information without sacrificing the well understood local solutions for inventory tracking. This single view of all inventory has also enabled better worldwide physical and cost management.

Tightening control of critical operating inventory, as well as product inventory, can deliver real financial benefits to a business. If you have considered packaged inventory control systems but have been discouraged by their cost or lack of flexibility, contact VACAVA to see how affordable a custom solution can be.


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